Break Bad Habits


Product Name: Break Bad Habits


This is NOT your
ordinary run-of-the-mill program to break bad habits…

A Habit Busting Program Gives


the Ability You’ve Always Wanted…

to STOP Self Defeating Behaviors

that are RUINING Your Life…

Quickly…and Safely…”

Dear Friend in Need,Do you have a BAD HABIT that’s causing you pain… ruining your health…
hurting your loved ones… damaging your career… costing you money… or just
plain old wasting your time?

if you could stop bad habits that are making you miserable?

And what if… “You could do it
 — without the endless
frustration and worry of failing you may have experienced when you tried to quit
bad habits in the past… wouldn’t you rather start… enjoying the freedom from
these annoying habits… so you can be the person who is free of bad habits…
and be the person you’ve always wanted to be?”

This page can change your life.

as it has for hundreds of others who have experienced the pain, discomfort and
embarrassment resulting from bad habits controlling their lives. Your hands on
the keyboard right now have the ability to bring you instant relief. Here’s

This 21 Day Habit Busting Program has been
getting rave reviews from people just like you and from the media; these reviews
have been from people who used this 21 day program and broke the chains their
bad habits had locked them into!

And now you have the opportunity to
experience for yourself. If you — or a loved one — is struggling with any of
these common and annoying bad habits…

* Overeating – (stressful binge
* Being a pushover – (never saying “no”…)
* Neglecting yourself (not taking good care of yourself…)
* Spending too much money (spending when you feel depressed…

* Stressing out – (over things you
know you can’t change…)
* Being a workaholic – (trying to be/do everything for everyone…)

* Gaming too much – (playing video
games for hours on end…)

* Procrastinating – (putting off things you should be doing…)
* Being chronically late – (to the point it harms job and relationships)
* Being a “yes” person – (too weak willed to say “no” to anyone…)
* Negative thinking – (nothing good ever happens to me…)
* Losing your temper – (without good cause…)
* Neglecting your health – (you are too lazy to bother…)
* Neglecting your family – (don’t take the time for them…)
* Blaming others for your problems – (not taking responsibility…)
* Smoking or Drinking – (endangering your health and wellness…)

* Doing Drugs – (trying to use drugs
to avoid problems…)

* Nail biting – (which is not healthy and makes you look out of
* Watching too much TV – (you don’t care about wasting all this time…)
* Computer addictions – (you get tied up in a fantasy world…)
* Compulsive shopping – (spending money on things you don’t need..)
* Lying – (telling tales and even hurting people with malicious gossip!)

If you answered “Yes”….to ONE OR
MORE of these…then it is urgent you read the rest of this page to get the help
you need to break the HABITS THAT ARE CONTROLLING YOU!

The 21 Day Habit Breaking Program is a
holistic approach and offers you the latest, and most refined AND the most
effective methods for treatment of these debilitating problem habits.

… What you’ll find is using
a proven SYSTEM that ‘real people’ — just like you — have used to break the
cycle of deeply entrenched, lifelong habits — forever.

for a moment… 

What are your bad habits
costing you?

What have
your bad habits cost you —
in money, health, career advancement, and relationships?

You know
the habits I’m talking about…

habits chip away at the life you COULD be living, right now.

They stifle your potential to make the money you
deserve… They hold you back from enjoying rewarding personal
relationships… And they prevent you from
looking and feeling GREAT!

Can you
even put a PRICE on the opportunities and potential your bad habits
are holding you back from — right now?

course not! Because your goals and dreams — are priceless!

Life is
NOT a dress rehearsal — it’s a live show! You
owe it to yourself to put
in your best possible performance. 

to do this, you need to lose the bad habits. Period.

Boot them… Bust

Most people feel the ability to stop a bad
habit… is a myth!

You’ve tried to break your bad habits in
the past and miserably — failed!

The idea that you can control your bad
habits is a myth.Bad habits are impulses… so instead of controlling them, you often end
up repeating them.
Even though you recognize the stress they cause in your life… and even though
you make promises to change your ways… again and again, you repeat the same
tired habits (patterns)!
That’s because a habit, by definition, is an acquired pattern of behavior that
has become almost involuntary as a result of frequent repetition, even if it is
just being a workaholic!

For those of you who prefer a more visual definition, read this story:

He tells the class, “This string represents the power of doing
something one time. Can you break the string?”

The student easily breaks the thread with a small flick of his
wrists. The teacher then wraps the string around the student’s
wrists many times and repeats the challenge to break it.

Despite repeated efforts, the lightweight thread is too strong
to break.

His teacher says, “Now you see the power of repeated actions…
habits. It takes more than mere willpower and personal strength to
break them. It takes a change in the way you think about the

Bad Habits PREVENT You
from reaching

They are self-inflicted punishments that drain you of motivation, time, and
money. And they hold you back from living the great life you know you can
achieve.Just think of all the times you’ve said something like…
     “The diet starts Monday — and I’ll stick to it this
time, I SWEAR!”
     “Smoking is a nasty habit and is ruining my health.
This will absolutely be my last cigarette pack.”
     “That does it! I’m cutting up the credit cards once and
for all and not wasting any more money on things I really don’t need.”
Sound familiar? You’re not alone.
The reality is most people try to break habits backwards; they try to physically
change their behaviors before they’ve changed their mental ones.
The result? You get so stressed out when denied the habit that has given you
comfort in the past, you cannot help but cling to it and repeat it in the
Losing bad habits requires you to change the way you think before you can
change the way you act.

CAN change…”

Fortunately, there is a solution to breaking
your bad habits!

On the following page, I’m going to reveal a proven system developed by
world-renowned personal success coach Lee Milteer…
Lee is one of THE most highly esteemed and sought after human potential speakers
and productivity coaches around — on this page, I will take you step-by-step
through her SYSTEM that will help you lose bad habits for good!

case studies of REAL PEOPLE who have already used this habit-busting SYSTEM…

For those of you who prefer to hear what
others are saying…

Please read these
unsolicited testimonials:



This mother of four revitalized her
self-image and improved her relationships with her husband and
children by losing 27 pounds AND quitting smoking…BEFORE: This mother of four was a through-and-through
people-pleaser. She always put others first, even to the detriment
of her own well-being. And she dealt with the resultant stress by
overeating and smoking.AFTER: Once she understood WHERE her bad habits came from
and how to easily break them for the first time in her life, she
was able to revitalize her self-image and improve her
relationships with her husband and children. Not only that, but
she was finally able to be the role model she wanted her children
to see.


Case History 3:This man quit his job,
struck out on his own, and ended up earning 30% more… as a
consultant at his former company!BEFORE: This 9-to-5er dreamed of working for himself, but
he was paralyzed by his fear of striking out on his own and the
risk of failure. Procrastination had become his closest companion.AFTER: He resurrected himself as the entrepreneur he had
always longed to be. He quit his job, struck out on his own and
was hired back by his former employer as a part-time consultant
for 30% more than he made as a full-time employee!


Case History 4:This entrepreneur
increased his profits by working FEWER hours!BEFORE: This entrepreneur was working 60+ hours per week,
spinning his wheels and becoming increasingly frustrated with his
business and lack of a personal life.AFTER: After learning where he was going wrong, he cut his
workweek down to three days, developed a laser-like focus on his
goals, renewed the purpose of his business, and began spending
more time with his family. His profits increased because he was
now focused on being more creative and productive in a shorter
period of time.

Discover the same bad
habit busting secrets that CEOs of Walt Disney… AT&T… XEROX… IBM… and
others have been using…”

Lee Milteer is one of America
‘s most highly-esteemed and sought after human potential speakers and
productivity coaches.
But don’t be surprised if you’ve never heard of her before now!As the President of Lee Milteer Inc., Career Development Strategists, Lee is one
of the corporate world’s best kept secrets, having counseled and trained
thousands of professionals all over North America and Europe.Organizations including Walt Disney… AT&T… XEROX… IBM… Ford Motor Co….
Federal Express… 3M… the US Navy… Bell Telephone… and many others, plus
hundreds of government agencies and scores of convention and associations’
meetings, repeatedly retain her to inspire people to recognize and use their own
talents and potential.Lee is also the founder of the world famous Millionaire Mindset Coaching
program, and a world-renowned speaker on human potential, sharing the speaking
platform with many well-known personalities, including:

The late Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

Lee has been featured as
a regular guest on National TV and Radio shows, including: “The Sally Jesse
Raphael Show,” CNN’s “Sonya Live,” and “The Montel Williams Show,” “The Dini
Petty Show,” and more!She has also written many books, including “Feel & Grow Rich,” “Success Is An
Inside Job:The Secrets of Getting Anything You Want,” and “Spiritual Power Tools
for Successful Selling.”
And as you might expect from someone with such a range of achievements, Lee’s
work has won MANY awards and tons of recognition, including a Doctorate in
Motivational Theory from Commonwealth College, the “Rising Star Award” by
General Cassette Corporation, and the Entrepreneurial Woman of the Year from the
National Association of Women Business Owners!

Now you can get the exact same program Lee
has been using for her own clients in the “21 Day Program to Break Bad Habits!”
Yes, that’s right you can now…

Get the entire 21-day habit busting system…
… Previously kept under lock and key, for a select group of Lee’s best

But before I get into more detail
I have to make a confession…

I used to have a few bad habits (they are too embarrassing to tell you WHAT it is

But let’s just say I searched high
and low for a solution… I was desperate to break it!
I researched and researched — online, in books, everywhere!

I was
ready to give up when I came across Lee Milteer’s “Habit Busting Secrets: How
to Break Any Habit in 21 Days.”

I couldn’t believe I managed to get my hands on this!Here was all of the information I needed to get rid of my bad habits
permanently in one easy-to-follow program.
What makes this find even more amazing is that it’s a program that was previously
only available to members of Lee’s Millionaire Mindset program, and it contains
information that major corporations like Walt Disney… AT&T… XEROX…
IBM… and others pay thousands of dollars to pass on to their employees and
make their businesses stronger!


“Habit Busting

How to Break
Any Habit in 21 Days!”

Here’s what you’ll find inside
this revolutionary course:

The “Habit Busting Secrets: How to Break Any Habit in 21
Days” program…

 3 Hours of Streaming Audio Training and a 52 page
Action Plan Workbook!

With must have information to answer all your pressing
questions like:

The #1 most critical step to success

How many times your subconscious mind must hear new material
to learn and integrate it into your existing belief system

How and when to reward yourself for more effective results

Why mistakes are natural, inevitable and critical to the

How to leave the past in the past; THE PAST DOES NOT EQUAL

The difference between LIFE GIVING and LIFE REMOVING habits

How to take inventory of your LIFE GIVING and LIFE REMOVING

What is the root of procrastination and how to overcome it

Why you and almost everyone you know is programmed to fail
and what to do about it

How to use your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual
energy most effectively to achieve your goals

How the law of inertia has prevented you from breaking bad
habits in the past

The foundation of all bad habits and how to overcome it 

Why will-power isn’t enough to break bad habits

What is the right support system and how to create it

How to engage in a healthy catharsis of your negative
thoughts and feelings

How to take advantage of being a self-fulfilling prophecy

Why visualization isn’t just fru-fru hullabaloo…

Your friends and family will be
by the NEW CHANGES in YOU!

Before you know it, your friends,
family and colleagues will be scratching their heads in amazement.

They’ll marvel at how you were
able to achieve so much in as little as 21 days!
We know you’ll find  you may even surprise yourself!

That’s the impact that “Habit Busting Secrets: How to Break Any Habit in 21
Days” will have on your life.

And by the end of those 21 days, you’ll know how to…

… Surmount debilitating stress
… Overcome crippling self-doubt
… Work smarter, not harder
… Maintain a laser-like focus on your goals
… Replace negative habits with positive ones!

In fact, thousands of others have already changed their habits and begun
achieving what they knew they could (they were just being held back by those bad
They are people from every walk of life, including:

and most anyone who wants to stop an annoying

All of these people were able to transform the lives they had settled for into
the lives they lived for.

Be advised, this program is NOT for everyone!

Now before we go any further, I do
have to give you fair warning.
This Streaming Audio Training Program and Action Plan are for people who are
serious about taking control of their destinies again.

If you are NOT committed to
achieving your goals…

If you are NOT dedicated to
obtaining the life you want…

If you are NOT willing to invest 10
minutes a day first thing in the morning to bust your bad habits…

If you are NOT open to allowing your
brain to do the work before your body…

If you are NOT open to miracles
happening in your life because of the changes you make with your mind…

… then this program is NOT for

If that’s the case, please be honest
with yourself and exit this site right now. Really, I am serious. If you are not
open to real breakthroughs in your life, this is not the program for you.

Finally… the secrets to
busting bad habits and
giving yourself a new lease of life REVEALED!

You’ve heard how others have changed their lives through this program, and now it’s YOUR turn.

With “Habit Busting Secrets,” you can…

Stop the past from becoming — the future!
Take control of your life again and become the creative, solution-oriented
person you know you can be!

Earn the money you deserve and live the lifestyle you want!
Be thrilled when you look in the mirror and be able to enjoy the admiration of
the people around you!

And that’s just for starters…
But I’ve kept the best news until last!
Even though Lee Milteer travels the
world giving seminars and speaking at huge corporations who pay
thousands of
dollars for her expertise..
… And even though her Millionaire Mindset Coaching program costs hundreds of
dollars to join…

You can order easily by clicking below…

And that’s not all to ensure your complete satisfaction…

If this program doesn’t allow you to bust your bad habits, I guarantee to
give you a 100% refund!

Guaranteed to Give You 100% Satisfaction

If you’re ready to learn those secrets
now, then give “Habit Busting: How to Break Any Habit in 21 Days” a try…

Do you want to look back on your life and realize you missed
opportunities to get what you wanted because of old bad habits?
Of course not! And it’s not too late to learn the secrets of how your mind
works, and to change your desires, behaviors, and goals.
I guarantee that if you listen to this program for just 21 days, your life,
attitude, perspective, and results will all improve to the point that others
will ask you what is your secret!
No matter what your goal, whether it’s to lose 100 lbs., triple your income,

become a leader in your field, stop smoking, quit biting your nails, or have
self-confidence, you are just 21 days away from that goal!

Yes, Richard, I want to be able

get rid of those bad habits
that control me!

Yes, Richard!

I’m ready to discover how to stop
my bad habits
end their control over my life right now!

know following your expert instruction on how to deal with difficult and
annoying bad habits is the simplest and quickest way to end the
problems with bad habits wasting my time and causing me stress at work,
in the home and with my relationships.

have seen the generous 60 day risk-free guarantee and want to try
out the ‘”Habit Busting Secrets:
How to Break Any Habit in 21 Days” to make sure it
is for me.

I order today I will also receive the bonus downloadable audios which
match “Habit Busting Secrets: How to Break Any
Habit in 21 Days” for free!

All books are in PDF format 
and can be read on any computer.
The audio files can be played in Windows Media Player and can be
downloaded instantly payment is approved

Here’s to your new found freedom from your bad habits!
Richard Webb

Still not
sure if this could work for you? 

Read EVEN More stories from
people who have successfully used this program to end their bad  habits
once and for all!

you for changing my life and giving my life back to me! You
were wonderful. As an entrepreneur I was working too hard, had poor
time management, trying to be all things to all people and
overweight with a BAD attitude.

My wife bought your program for me and I was shocked at how I had
let myself get into this state of overwork and how I had been taking
my frustration out on my kids and wife.

Since I started your program, I
have improved my relationships with my family, clients, and myself. I
now have a lifestyle that supports me in a prosperous way.

All I can say to anyone who is trying to decide if your Habit
Busting system will work for them is this: Give yourself the gift of
releasing the past and starting a brand new future. Lee
Milteer is the teacher who has changed my life and improved my
attitude. It was a small investment for a large return!
Thank you with all my heart!”

Teddy Willis, Dallas , Texas

type of material should have been offered to everyone in the school

“How can I express my gratitude for the information you shared in
your wonderful program Habit Busting? Truly
a virtuoso performance! This
type of material should have been offered to everyone in the school
system. I had lots of bad habits and bad attitudes. Once I started
listening to your program, I
could not get over how EASY it was to change.

All the diets and self-improvement programs I have used in the past
had a limited effect on me. Your
system helped me go back to the root of my problems and
helped me for the very first time understand exactly why I had
failed in all my attempts before.

It’s shocking how easy it has been for me to change my life and
change my future with your information. I
have learned that nothing can stop me from the exciting future I
want for myself
and my family. You are a blessing from God. Thank you.”

Nancy Williams, Va. Beach , Virginia

“I have changed my habits from negative ones
to positive ones and my family thinks I am a new person.”

“I could not be happier! I have lost 10 pounds already and
only have a few more to go. I have changed my habits from negative
ones to positive ones and my family thinks I am a new person.

was very pleased with the depth of your knowledge and your wonderful
humor. I totally
recommend this program to any woman who wants to FEEL empowered and
in charge of her life again!!”    

Patti Ehlers, Charlotte , North Carolina

“Lee, you received the highest evaluations of
anyone’s programs we have ever used in our office.”

“Lee, you received the highest evaluations of anyone’s programs we
have ever used in our office. One of the programs that really hit
home was yourHabit Busting: How to Break Any Habit in 21
Days. At first
people laughed and said no one could change bad habits in 21 days.
Yet, people in our office who took your program home and used it
proved them wrong.

They did break the old habits and transferred those old behaviors
into new ones. Our
office staff just voted you the #1 person they wanted to come speak
to us in-person next year. Again,
Thank you for your educational, informative, life changing

William J. Graham, Columbus Ohio

“I suggest any woman who is feeling
overwhelmed invest in this program because it will change your

“Habit Busting has helped me stop being a perfectionist and working
myself to death. Thanks to this incredible program I
have given myself permission to stop trying to please everyone and
for once in my life start living for me. 

Lee Milteer is a great coach and I have many other programs
she has produced and I love them all. She
has given me the tools to become the woman I wanted to be but did
not know how until now.  I suggest any woman who is feeling
overwhelmed invest in this program because it will change your

Elizabeth Langlois, Phoenix , AZ

techniques have helped me in all aspects of my life”

“I used your habit busting system many years ago to program myself
to become confident that I could pass the CPA exam and I’ve never
forgotten the principles you taught. 

The techniques have helped me in all aspects of my life, from
moving past the fear of passing my exam to losing 23 pounds and
starting an exercise program that I now love. 

And I must say I
have a pretty good life now thanks to the wisdom I learned from you about
not working so hard to achieve your goals but to use your mind

Peggy Ross, New York

“Lee Milteer’s Habit Busting stimulates new
possibilities instantly!”

“Lee Milteer’s Habit Busting stimulates new possibilities instantly! I
loved it and recommend it to anyone who
wants to feel good about themselves, improve their self-esteem and
get rid of any bad habit.  I personally have stopped overeating at
night from depression or boredom. 

have started a walking program in the morning, which has helped me
lose the extra weight that I have been trying to lose for five
years.  My
friends and family have all noticed a huge change for the better in
my personality. Thank you!”    

Mary Ann Casey , Ontario Canada

“We have a Lee Milteer Fan club here and we
wanted to thank you for all your wisdom that makes our lives so much

“Your habit busting program is splendid! I own a Real Estate company
and we realtors had developed some very bad habits such as being
late, putting off paperwork, and not being organized. Since
we purchased your system for our staff, we have received nothing but
very enthusiastic responses from our members.

get a “thank you” almost every day from the people who have now
taken back their lives and feel in control again. Some of our people
started a weight loss club and have lost more than 104 pounds
combined in just a few months.

We have a Lee Milteer Fan club here and we wanted to thank
you for all your wisdom that
makes our lives so much easier.”

Paul S. Gorkin 
Gorkin Reality, GA.

“I have lost 34 pounds, and learned to put my
health and needs first.”

“Talk about feeling motivated again!  I invested in Lee Milteer’s
Habit Busting System and I am truly excited about life again. I
have learned to stop saying yes when I want to say no. How
liberating it has been to learn to nurture myself and give myself
permission to be whom and what I want to be. 

have stopped being a people pleaser, lost 34 pounds, and learned to
put my health and needs first. God bless Lee Milteer and God bless
this program. It’s inspiring and contains more truth on
living a successful life than any other program I have ever had.
I just love listening to Lee every morning as I drive to work.”

Nancy Myers, Washington , D.C.

“I had tried willpower, and everything else to
become organized and nothing had assisted me till I found and used
Lee’s program.”

“Lee Milteer’s Habit Busting System allowed me to come away with
useable solutions and strategies on how to break my old negative
habits and turn that same energy into positive habits. I
had tried willpower, and everything else to become organized and
nothing had assisted me till I found and used Lee’s program.

My office, house and car were beyond out of control to the point I
did not want anyone to see them. This Habit Busting system assisted
me in finding out why I could not get the energy to be an organized
person. I was a perfectionist! As Lee says, give up that label and
change your life forever.This came true for me.

have shared this program with my daughters and each of them has
become a better mother, wife and businessperson because of Lee
Milteer’s teaching.

would recommend this program to anyone who feels frustrated with
their past behaviors and wants to be free of the past. This
was so much easier than I ever thought and
I so wish I could have invested in this program years ago. Thank

Ann McClain, South Carolina

“We have noticed, since your program, a
twenty-five percent increase in sales volume.”

“Thank you for your program on Habit Busting. My sales staff has
really lost marketing shares in our territory due to bad working
habits, poor time management, poor organizational skills,
procrastination and other profit-losing habits.

You had a pretty tough audience with us and you did an
excellent job for our sales force helping them move past
their old programming and creating a new plan of action. As you
know, the competition in New York City is fierce but habit busting
was very helpful.

Our sales people need all the self-esteem help they can get. We have
noticed, since your program, a
twenty-five percent increase in sales volume.”

David L Payne, VP, Copies for You, New York

“I LOVED the Habit Busting system… I have
finally found ways to reprogram myself to be calm and in control.”

“I LOVED the Habit Busting system! I could not recommend this
program any more highly! Anyone
can learn from this program because
it generates energy, enthusiasm and positive feelings for yourself
and gives you the confidence to try anything and know you can be

personally am pleased to report that after many years of having a
really bad temper, which hurt my personal relationships and
business, I have
finally found ways to reprogram myself to be calm and in control.

have seen an improvement in my mental state of mind and that led to
a promotion and raise at work. All
I can do is say THANK YOU for this information that
allows us to truly be in charge of our destinies again.”

Mark Strickland , Maryland

“This is the only program that has actually
given me the tools, motivation and a system to root out what was
causing me to have bad habits.”

“After listening to Lee on the HABIT BUSTING program, I was able to
see my job, my life and myself in a different light. I
have been challenged to ‘seize’ the personal and professional
opportunities that
are available to me and take advantage of them.

have released the need to act on several negative habits such as
overspending, mismanagement of time, and the most important one of
all. I quit
smoking! This is
the only program that has actually given me the tools, motivation
and a system to root out what was causing me to have bad habits.

am proud to say that you gave me the “tomorrow Awareness of my
behaviors” and that changed
my life forever.”

Dr. Janice Strong, Vermont

“I have now lost 82 pounds and I have 18 more
to go to get to my 100-pound goal. Keep up the wonderful work!”

“I just loved your habit busting program. Your
content was informative, enlightening, humorous, and done in an
enthusiastic manner. I
enjoyed learning about how to move past the Scarlett O’Hara
mentality and understand why I use my habits to reduce my stress.

now understand that instant gratification has risks and that I do
have the power to have the discipline to control my life. I have now
lost 82 pounds and I have 18 more to go to get to my 100-pound goal.

If I can do this program and make it work where no other diet
programs have worked for me — anyone
can do it. Keep
up the wonderful work!”

Maureen Stakes, Virginia

Join the hundreds who have given “Habit Busting: How to Break Any Habit in 21
a try… risk free!

Do you want to
look back on your life and realize you missed opportunities to get what you
wanted because of old bad habits?
Of course not! And it’s not too late to learn the secrets of how your mind
works, and to change your desires, behaviors, and goals.
I guarantee that if you listen to this program for just 21 days, your life,
attitude, perspective, and results will all improve to the point that others
will ask you what is your secret!

I don’t care who you are or what you do for a living. Whether you’re slogging
your way through a mountain of debt, or raking in a whopping six-figure income,
or want to lose the weight you hate… this program can help you.
No matter what your goal, whether it’s to lose 100 lbs., triple your income,
become a leader in your field, stop smoking, quit biting your nails, or have
more self-confidence, you are just 21 days away from that goal.

You get started
with the program in just minutes from now!

Simply click the button below.

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Break Bad Habits is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Break Bad Habits, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund you the entire purchase price, with no questions asked.



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